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23 Bike Rides

Here are some ideas for single day bike rides. They are ordered by time of year and broken into ‘road’, ‘gravel’ and ‘adventure’ categories. Many of these are new, untested routes.

Badger Pocket

Category: Road
Starting point: Ellensburg
Metrics: 41.2 miles, 1440’ elevation gain


Ginkgo – Beverly

Category: Gravel [Road?]
Starting point: Ginko Petrified Park [Vantage]
Metrics: 20.6 miles, 961’ elevation gain


Notes: Want to ride across the Beverly Bridge? Here is a way to do it without hike-a-bike through sand. I have not ridden this but my guess is the gravel section could be bypassed, making this a road bike ride.

Markworth Forest

Category: Gravel
Starting point: East of Duvall

West Taneum Road

Category: Adventure
Starting point: South Cle Elum
Metrics: 37.6 miles, 2922’ elevation gain


Notes: I haven’t ridden this, thus the adventure category. This is not a route for Sunday riding. The first part is on a road that gets used as an I-90 bypass for those heading West on Sunday.

Lost Lake

Category: Adventure
Starting point: Hyak or Stampede Pass Exit
Metrics: 23.8 miles, 2048’ elevation gain [from Hyak]


Notes: I have driven to Lost Lake, healthy climb up from the I-90 level. Have not been beyond.

Peoh Point

Category: Adventure
Starting point: South Cle Elum
Metrics: 20.2 miles, 2474’ elevation gain


Notes: From what I have heard, stunning views of the valley and Stuart Mountains once you get there. I have not ridden or driven to Peoh Point. The West Taneum Road loop above might provide similar views.

29 Pines Loop

Category: Adventure [serious climbing]
Starting point: 29 Pines campground [Teanaway]
Metrics: 25.6 miles, 3801’ elevation gain


Notes: I have tried this twice. First time made it half way and ran out of battery [forgot to charge]. Second time with Terri and the first climb was too much without an e-bike.

Blewett Pass Loop

Category: Adventure
Starting point: Hwy 97 and Old Blewett Pass Rd.
Metrics: 15.6 miles, 2829’ elevation gain


Notes: I love the climb from Hwy 97 to the top of Old Blewett Pass! What I dislike is Hwy 97, so I looked for a route that eliminated/minimized interaction with Hwy 97. I have not ridden this route [yet].

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