Sisters 2022

July 11-14, 2022

A redo of our 2013 ride only starting in Sisters rather than Oakridge. Eight riders and two in our support crew. Riders: Deb & Dave Wirrick, Ken Wallis, Mark Peterson, Terri Iverson, Betsy MacInnes, Werner Krampl, & Rollie Herman. In support: Judi Richardson & Karen Herman.

View right outside of Sisters

Day 1, McKenzie Pass the easy way
McKenzie Pass the easy way
Yes, 4 days of scenic riding!
If this only kept the Backroads riders quiet

After descending towards Rainbow we stopped on the McKenzie River for a “refreshing” dip. Then in to Harbick’s to relax and recharge.

Our second day was Rainbow to Oakridge and the weather was toasty. No swimming today but we did have headwinds at the finish.

Butterflies were everywhere
Started the day crossing the Belknap Bridge
Then treated to a wall of Sweet Pea flowers

But then it was climbing with plenty of tree cover all the way to Box Canyon Horse Camp for lunch. Then a long descent to Westfir and finally Oakridge.

Day 3 saw us retrace our route back to Rainbow. The long descent of the previous day became an all-morning ascent back to Box Canyon for lunch.

Our second covered bridge, The Office Bridge in Westfir

There was some concern from some of the riders about wildlife. Specifically bears and cougars. This proves that cougars (cats) and deer can peacefully coexist.

The end of the road for this trailer
The site of a cookie break, yum!
Big trees and blue skies
Big bumps

After Box Canyon the new roads returned for a speedy descent to the Terwilliger Hot Springs. Deb, Dave & I made it all the way to the pools after some serious hike-a-bike. The pools were too hot to be refreshing.

Day 4 was the Queen Stage, back to the top of McKenzie Pass- the hard way. Close to 4 hours of climbing.

Bike Rides Oregon

Multi-Day in Central Oregon

It was raining this morning, a perfect time to burning limbs, pine duff and other winter debris. While drying out I went down a YouTube rabbit hole and found: about the Oregon Ramble Ride.

The route is on and it starts in Prineville, the home of Les Schwab Tires. For those who went on the first McKenzie Pass ride I believe we went through Prineville on the day of the DEATH RIDE.

I have been giving some thought on how to couple e-bikes with multi-day bikepacking.

  • Find campsites for each night that have power. Logistically difficult but not impossible. Campsites could be motels.
  • Carry extra batteries. The super expensive option that also adds a ton of weight to each bike. You would still need power every other night or so.
  • Have a support vehicle with either a larger inverter or small generator. If you watch the YouTube video they have support vehicles at the camp sites.

Charging time is an issue. For my bike with a Bosch motor and using the standard 4 amp charger it takes almost 5 hours to get a full charge. 50% in 2 hours or so. One can’t rely on charging while eating lunch or having a beer. Hopefully you don’t suck the battery dry but there would need to be a way to charge everyone’s batteries efficiently.

Bike Rides Idaho Oregon Walla Walla

Terri’s Ride Suggestions

Walla Walla

Idaho Panhandle

(Howard and I have done parts of this route and it was one of our favorite tours)

Willamette Valley

Fall Ride – Klickitat State Park Trail

Klickitat State Park Trail – from Lyle, WA to Klickitat, WA (or vice versa)

Klickitat Accommodations

Lyle Accommodations

The Lyle Inn is expensive, so some sleuthing of an alternate place would be needed

Rollie’s additions:

I think the 32 miles must be to Goldendale

A while back I found this
Same general area and billed as a good fall ride.

And here are more options in the area