In the December 6th post I said it was time to re-read Hemingway’s Islands in the Stream. I started yesterday and it has been quite interesting.

First, the terms he uses for individuals would not pass muster today. I guess like Mark Twain, Hemingway was an author who had different races in his books and both used the terms of their times. When I first read this book in the 1970’s I didn’t pay any attention to the words used. Today they stand out like a sore thumb.

Secondly it is amazing how easy this book is to read. I have downloaded plenty of “popular” novels on to my Kindle from authors who have a large following. Many I fail to finish either due to the writing or awful plots.

Finally I was not aware that there was a song named Islands in the Stream. Written by the Bee Gee’s and sung by Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton. When you Google “Islands in the Stream” this is what comes up, not the Hemingway novel.

I am thinking that once I finish this book it is time to revisit some Steinbeck.