Ah, Friday. A reason to get dressed up for a night out. How about dressed up for a night in?

As I have been making straps there is plenty of time to listen to music. One of my favorite albums is Pat Benatar’s “True Love”. Not what you imagine when thinking Pat Benatar, it is an album she made in the “jump blues” style and yes, there is even a Christmas song.

I think of jazz clubs when I hear this album, so get dressed to the nines and mix away.

Option #1:
Gin Rickey – 1 shot of gin, 30ml fresh lime juice, as much mint as you want and top it up with sparkling water. Supposedly F. Scott Fitzgerald’s favorite.

Option #2:
French 75 – another one of Hemingway’s choices.

Option #3:
Whiskey Highball – 50% whiskey of your choice, 50% sparkling water.

  • Have I ever tried these? No but I have always wondered why scotch and soda is a classic but not soda with other whiskeys. Guess I will have to experiment.
  • What am I going to wear? Haven’t got a tux out since moving to Cle Elum. Is this the right night?
  • What is Karen going to wear? That is the $64,000.00 question! Although featured on another day the Sidecar was also listed as an appropriate cocktail and she likes those.
  • Pro Tip: don’t forget the music!