December Fifteenth

Today we celebrate a funeral. Nineteen years after his death, Napoleon received a state funeral in Paris. I don’t think we should follow Napoleon’s drinking habits, he added water to his wine.

Burgundy was his wine of choice. In a pinch it would be acceptable to substitute an American Pinot Noir.

  • Do I drink Burgundy? Of course, but Bordeaux is more to my liking.
  • What does Burgundy pair well with? Game, beef, escargot- this is a versatile wine.
  • Where do the best Burgundy’s come from? François Paul’s cellar of course!

Where do we use this?

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  1. Werner

    Ahhhh I always understood that Burgundy was a wine producing region (Appellation) in France, roughly centred around the city of Beaune, rather than a wine. I believe there are many subregions within, such as Pommard, Mersault, etc. I further understand that the principal grapes grown in the region are Pinot Noir for reds and Chardonnay for whites. One time I bought a bottle of premier cru Pinot Noir from Pommard but it did not travel well on the trip back to Canada😩😩. The Burgundy moniker may have been coined for certain red wines from CA, although after the movie Sideways everyone should be very familiar with Pinot Noir.
    Bordeaux is also a wine growing region (Appellation) in France rather than a wine. Wines there are derived principally from Cabernet Saivignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot grapes blended in various proportions. Subregions are e.g. St.Emmillion. Famous wines are from Chateaux Rothschild, Margeux, Lafite. Hmmm perhaps that was too much information🤔🤔😉😉😉.

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