Now that the cleaning has been done it’s time to get going. Being Wednesday or “Hump Day” a couple of options that will get us to Friday are in order.

Option #1:
Espresso Martini – these were featured on some reality TV show we just watched and look lethal.

Option #2:
Vodka and Red Bull – simpler to make than the Espresso Martini but you still get that caffeine kick.

  • Have I tried either of these cocktails? No, and I don’t plan on adding them to my rotation.
  • Caffeine and alcohol? A strange combination if you ask me, alcohol already makes sleeping difficult and to pile caffeine on top of that?
  • Anything here that makes sense? Sure, a shot of espresso mid-morning and vodka at happy hour, just not together. Red Bull is the outlier, I would rather stick to coffee.