Another day, another birthday. Today it is Werner Krampl’s day to be a year older. Being a Canadian one’s first thought might be towards Canadian whiskey but that is not what I have seen Werner drink. To keep up the birthday tradition we must have two choices.

Option #1
SCOTCH, with just a bit of water to “open it up”. Ice is optional.

Option #2
Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic

Label on a Hendrick’s Bottle
  • My choice? G&T, I’m no longer a Scotch drinker. Had to consume way to much on the Victoria to Coos Bay yacht race.
  • Does one drink their Scotch before dinner or after? My guess is both!
  • How many bottles of each does Werner take on a week long bicycle ride? It’s a state secret.

We did get Werner a present. Nothing but the finest new bicycle saddle. The grey color is the hard new trend, wait, that was supposed to be hot new trend. Lightweight, for a rock but I haven’t figured out how to mount it.

Don’t worry, we have a few more birthdays this month to celebrate!