On December 3rd detective novelist Agatha Christie mysteriously disappears for 11 days so we must turn to her most famous sleuth for cocktail advice. What does Hercule Poirot drink?

Option #1:
Crème de Menthe – best to go straight to

Option #2:
Champagne – French of course but remember Poirot is Belgian!

  • Ever try Crème de Menthe? No, and no plans to.
  • Favorite line from a Poirot movie? Death on the Nile- ‘never before have I seen a cobra in a first class cabin’. Guess they are common in second and third class accommodations.
  • How many times have I watched Death on the Nile? Plenty, and it is time to watch it once again. A long movie, lots of time to try various beverages.

We just watched the new version of Murder on the Orient Express with Johnny Depp (is this going to be his last movie?). There was supposed to be a new take on Death on the Nile released in 2020 so we can enjoy yet another new Poirot.