New Year’s Eve. It’s time to splurge so break out the caviar and let’s celebrate in anticipation of a better 2021.

Option #1
Champagne – what else! Not any Champagne, it must be French.

Option #2
Vodka shots – straight from the freezer. It doesn’t need to be Grey Goose but get something good, not Relska.

A bit of a complaint:
My bank account would be much healthier if Fran├žois-Paul hadn’t introduced my daughter to Champagne. Not swill, but the good stuff. Now she rapidly passes by the Cook’s display and heads to the French section.

A fact about Fran├žois-Paul Briand:
By now you are aware he wants to be a Barman. His real skill in this realm is with Champagne. He can open a bottle with his bare hands and pour a tray full of glasses so that they are all perfectly equal. When portioning out the remainder of the bottle, again every glass gets filled equally. Simply amazing!

Option #3
Pisco Sour– consumed in large quantities by the Briand’s, Pascale and the Herman’s in Quito, Ecuador on December 31, 2000.

  • Champagne or Vodka? Vodka
  • Champagne pairs well with? Pretty much everything.
  • Vodka pairs well with? See above.
  • What is FP’s favorite Vodka? Grey Goose- it’s French of course!
  • Does a Pisco Sour go with caviar? No Way!
  • Did I hear someone ask for an encore? This was supposed to end with today’s posting but it seems fitting to have a hangover edition tomorrow.
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