Today is the first day of winter and my favorite day of the year. You are asking why? Because starting tomorrow we get more daylight every day for six months!

Just in case it is getting chilly outside we might need Heated Drinker Bases. Coastal Supply or any farm store should have these and if you don’t know what they are you are just going to have a cold drink. Just to be different, I’m not going for a hot drink, actually something really cold, thus the need to keep our “drinker base” heated.

Yup a Martini consumed outside, thus the need for mittens. A tradition at our house in Tacoma if/when we got dry snow.

  • Straight up or on the rocks? YES
  • Gin or Vodka? I prefer Vodka but there is nothing wrong with Gin.
  • May I put a blue cheese stuffed olive in my Martini? According to Fran├žois-Paul- NO!!!!!!!!! But on this issue I don’t listen to FP.
Undated photo of Martinis and Mittens in Tacoma