30 days to the start of the Seattle Boat Show! What used to be an ordeal is now fading into the back portions of my mind. However the boat show does bring back one memory from a company who had their booth next to ours for several years. Intellian provides those dome shaped antennas for vessels to get either satellite TV or communications. The company is based in Korea and every once in a while we were able to sample some of the food that came back from business trips. Sorry to say that Paul Comyns never provided adult beverages to go along with the food but we did get to hear about one of his favorites.

Soju a Korean beverage best described by reading a LA Times article.

Locally Uwajimaya carries it and it is inexpensive.

  • Have I ever tried Soju? No, but this bottle is waiting!
  • What does Soju pair well with? Korean food and beer.
  • What does Paul have to say about Soju? One tends to consume copious quantities when in Korea.
  • Why didn’t Paul ever bring some to his booth? The Rug Patrol was always on the lookout for food or booze not purchased at the show.
  • What about at the 2021 show? Since it will be virtual I am sure that there will be plenty of Soju in the Intellian booth.