22, what can you do with that? Well the first Christmas tree with electric lights was turned on by Edison on December 22nd. Then there is 22 caliber, a size of ammunition many have spent time putting holes in cans with.

But the Hyperbolic Tangent of 22 is 1! I can’t say that my memory of math and physics reminds me of why this is important but there was a lecture titled “Quantum Simulation of Hyperbolic Space with Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics“. By now many will have figured out where this is going. Quantum Electrodynamics = Richard Feynman, but you would be wrong. Feynman didn’t drink.

Hyperbole is something I have been accused of and I am a fan of Feynman’s so how about four drinks from my bar?

Winter option:
Bourbon – I am not a sour mash fan, just Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey please. Add a bit of ice and I am good to go.

Spring option:
Rum & Tonic – using dark Meyers rum and one must not forget the lime.

Summer option:
Pastis – Ricard is my favorite. A couple of these will cool the afternoon off.

Fall option:
Vodka Martini – I like mine on the rocks and whatever one does keep the pumpkin spices away!.

One too many and see what happens
  • Do I allow these drinks in other seasons? Sure although Pastis is really a warm weather drink. The others will work on all 365 days.
  • How many lime wedges in my Rum & Tonic? I like 2, the dark rum can handle it.
  • Betsy wants to know why Whiskey and Pickle juice didn’t make my list? Do I have to answer? OK, I have been lucky and do not often suffer from cramps.