Where is everyone today?

Ed Davis can be found at the Tacoma Country Club with his trusty sidekick Toro. He no longer visits the Cobra Lounge due to the back problem he developed sleeping behind the bar on the floor really acts up whenever he is close to the Cobra.

Terri Iverson has received several speeding tickets descending mountain passes on her bike. Now she is working 7 days a week to generate enough money to pay off the tickets. Somehow her “GoFundMe” page never gained any traction.

Mark Peterson is now a wanted man. It seems that after the visit by the FAA the agency discovered that the top secret Titanium Badges had been shown and that they were now public knowledge. The agents were sent to Gitmo and the badges had to be taken out of service. Other agents really became upset and they have been looking for Mark ever since.

Ralph & Carol Nussbaum ran into difficulties with the government. Ralph now spends his summers in Walla Walla, winters in Monroe. Carol is based in Purdy and they are hoping to reunite some day soon.

Betsy MacInnes also has had a run-in with the law. She has been camping at Peace Arch Park and was told camping was not allowed. Betsy took this all the way to the Supreme Court and after RBG finished with the government a high class tent platform complete with bathroom was erected for Betsy.

Howard Strickler is once again employed. Prior to the ride he discovered a problem with his mail server and was able to fix it. He is now an IT specialist at Best Buy (better known as the Geek Squad).

Werner Krampl hasn’t been heard from. He snuck back across the border and went dark. There have been rumors of sightings at Peace Arch Park but nobody is really sure.

Bill Moyers has been all around the country (virtually) on a speaking tour. It seems there is an amazing amount of interest in the 13 kinds of dog-poo. Should you wish to hire him the fee is in the $100k range for a 30 minute talk.

Greg Vlasic also has a new gig. It’s the one he has dreamed about his whole life- only better…..

He did need to change the spelling of his last name but he is now the official jingle singer for Vlasic Pickles. The contract negotiations were tough since the pickle company wanted to forbid Greg from singing all his songs referencing Mary but they finally relented. Greg is now on his way to jingle stardom.