November Thirtieth – December First

This is a special edition with two birthdays to celebrate. Mark Peterson’s in on the 30th and Karen Easterday’s is on the 1st. Every year it must be a massive party in their neighborhood.

Mark’s birthday is technically out of bounds for our holiday beverage calendar but as you will find out, the December 1st calendar offering is not birthday friendly.

There is also the problem of not knowing their ages. No way could they be over 21 so the first offerings have to take that in to consideration.

Option #1 for Mark:
Roy Rodgers

Option #1 for Karen:
Shirley Temple

Should they happen to be over 21.

Option #2 for Mark:
Beer – on bike rides this seems to be his beverage of choice

Option #2 for Karen:
White Burgundy – properly chilled and served with something tasty

Option #3:
The Volcano – 2 straws please

  • Do you know what beer Mark likes best? No, but I know it isn’t Flat Tire (not sure about Fat Tire).
  • When did I last have a Roy Rodgers? A long, long time ago. Do they even make them any more?

Here is the first story of this series-

Karen (my wife) and a bunch of buddies are in a “bar” located in Sumner close to the railroad tracks. They had some deal about trains passing by and free drinks. The girls had ordered a Volcano, complete with flames. One of the crew, Tammi, had long hair and leaned over the drink catching her hair on fire. Serena, instigator of the group leaned across the table and put out the flames with her hands and said that the hair would be fine. Hopefully Serena was Tammi’s hairdresser so that the story wouldn’t have to be repeated in public.

Several years later this group would go on a birthday run for Serena and the highlight of the trip was one participant telling Karen to “wash my butt”. It seemed that someone couldn’t hold her liquor.

Birthday presents for Mark and Karen, of course! As some know, you don’t want to be on the same continent with me if I am trying to sing. It’s said my singing will make one’s ears bleed and cause many medical issues.

For all who celebrate their birthdays prior to the end of the year I promise NOT to sing Happy Birthday.

In the past people have paid good money so that I didn’t sing so this is really a priceless gift.

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  1. Betsy

    In this covid-imposed isolation, I am mourning our inability to gather and share a meal and laughs (and a few drinks). Sending birthday best wishes to Mark and Karen. And sending thanks to Rollie for his Advent Calendar tying us together, at least digitally.

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