Last November I purchase a set of René Herse Umtanum Ridge tires for my Canyon gravel e-bike. Then it started snowing and kept snowing. Ride time turned into plowing time and it took me until January 1st to actually use them.

They were easy to install [tubeless] and I inflated them to the 30psi minimum that was suggested. Took them out on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail and the experience was horrible.

That trail has a number of bridges where the bridge deck consists of rectangular concrete slabs butted up to each other. With these tires it felt like the bike was out of control, jumping left and right and the junctions between slabs. Letting some air out of the front tire helped but it was unnerving. I have ridden over these bridges numerous times and have never experienced this before.

We got to our turn around point and headed back down a slight grade. When others were able to coast, I still had to pedal. Contrary to the advertisement when you buy these, they aren’t speedy.

After the ride I wondered if I was running too much [or too little] air pressure so I tried to contact René Herse. Their web site only has a form that can be filled out, although it doesn’t allow for much of a comment. No phone number, no email, just a vague promise to answer in a week or so.

More than a week has passed with no response [and yes, I have been checking my SPAM folder]. Somewhere I found an email for the company president and sent him a request for a phone call. Silence. Went to the City of Seattle and looked up their business license. It listed a phone number but when I called, the number had been disconnected.

I have learned my lesson. Don’t do business with a company that you can’t pick up the phone and talk with.

If you are considering doing business with this company, figure out ahead of time how you will deal with any issues. Their products are expensive, at their prices, the service they offer should be superior.