Sunday is the traditional time for brunch and how does brunch start, a cocktail. Bloody Marys, Mimosas and Champagne are traditional choices.

But why can’t we drink every morning? A generation or so ago it was common in many cultures but like the three martini lunch, less and less people are participating.

Are options still available? Sure!

Option from Venice:
Ombra – in Italian the word means shadow or shade but in Venice the word signifies a small drink or glass of wine quite often in the morning.

Option from France:
Coffee with… – go to a rural bar in the morning and there will still be men with a cup of coffee (espresso) along with a shot of Calvados or some other alcoholic beverage. You have to keep the chill away somehow.

  • Am I a fan of either/both? Quoting George Patton, “does a chicken have lips?” which somehow means YES!
  • Choose one. Ombra in the summer, coffee with in the winter. Choosing just one is impossible.
  • But what about lunchtime? What’s wrong with the three martini lunch providing you don’t have to drive or do anything for the rest of the day.

OK, brunch didn’t get properly covered, feel free to grab a stalk of celery for your Bloody Mary, that’s fine but why not try something different!