Labor day weekend. It seemed smart to get off the beaten path and try something new. The “Frog Ride” is one of my late summer favorites. The first part of the ride along Kachess Lake can be wet and is inhabited by plenty of frogs. Once you get off the gravel, mountain views are a real treat.

The Frog Ride normally returns to Easton via the Palouse to Cascades trail which we ride many times a year. Looking for options I found that NF-4826 connects to U-Fish Road, which would in theory complete the loop back to Easton. 4826 and the first section of U-Fish were a delight. Good gravel and a gradual descent.

There are cabins and a couple of lodges on the way, one guarded by these Totem Poles and they really should have told us not to go any further.

A sharp left brought a healthy climb on large, loose rock. Time to dismount for the daily hike-a-bike segment. Once up there was a gate across the road with signs stating Private Property. It wasn’t hunting season so we hoped that we wouldn’t be shot, not wanting to descend the loose rock “road” and then climb back up to where we turned off on NF-4826. Fingers crossed we proceeded across the private property where the scenery was stunning. Another gate and we were back on public roads and onward to the car.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to use U-Fish Road. One end is I-90 and the other is the Yakima River. Now I need to figure out how to identify private property on potential routes. As more of us turn to gravel riding the ability to plot successful routes without intruding on private property will become critical.