The last birthday of the month belongs to Jim Brose. Cocktail hour is a ritual at the Brose household. First he has to get all the offerings out and standing at attention. It must be all that training the Army gave him prior to deployment in Vietnam. Each bottle in its place, perfectly aligned and then one can proceed. What is Jim’s adult beverage of choice?

Bourbon – just add a glass

OK, I didn’t get them aligned to Jim’s standards and unlike at his house, these are all unopened.

Jim also likes gadgets. Maybe these would make a good birthday present?

This photo is imported from New Zealand
  • Do I like Bourbon? #1 on my list.
  • What does Bourbon pair well with? Ice!
  • Give me more! Brisket done on Jim’s smoker
  • Is all Bourbon whiskey? Yup
  • Is all whiskey Bourbon? Nope

For other birthdays there has been a second offering so in honor of the “Dead at 27” club-

Southern Comfort – You might think this a strange choice and I don’t know anyone who drinks it, but Janis Joplin sort of brings us back to the Vietnam era.