December Twenty-Seventh

Louis Pasteur was born on this day in 1822. Why do we care? Quoting from Wikipedia, “He is best known to the general public for his invention of the technique of treating milk and wine to stop bacterial contamination, a process now called pasteurization”. Let’s raise a glass to Pasteur, thankful that we don’t have to deal with bacterial contamination.

Option #1:
Wine – of course

Option #2:
Brandy Milk Punch – just in case you are still looking for a morning libation.

Quoting from late night TV, but wait, there’s more! We need something to go with that wine, how about cheese? In the US that is what we get, pasteurized cheese but in France you can still get it unpasteurized which is said to enhance the flavor. I think a road trip is in order.

And seeing that today is Constitution Day in North Korea we could celebrate that. On second thought, what fun is a celebration with no food or beverages?


December Twenty-Sixth

Boxing Day for all Canadians and those with British ancestors. This is the day when we recognize our servants should anyone have servants. Three choices today… but please no boxing,

Option #1:
Warm Beer, British style. No Budweiser today please.

Option #2:
Scotch straight from the bottle to the glass.

Option #3:
Anything left over from yesterday.

  • Which option do I prefer? Option #1 but you have to be in the UK.
  • What pairs well with these options? Haggis?
  • What else can you do with Haggis? Absolutely nothing!

December Twenty-Fifth

A massive day. Not only is it Ed Davis’ birthday, it’s also Christmas Day. I feel that you are going to have to choose one or the other, somehow the beverage choices don’t blend well together.

Whiskey is Ed’s choice. You can see the gleam in his eyes when he announces possession of an unopened bottle.

Beaujolais goes well with turkey.

Bordeaux and prime rib, yum.

  • What can I tell you about Ed and whiskey? In the words of Pascale Meuiner, “Dangerous, very Dangerous!”
  • Beaujolais or Bordeaux? Both have their place, tonight probably Bordeaux.
  • What about after dinner? How about something different, Pineau des Charentes. Before or after dinner, learn more and you can find it at Champion Wine Cellars in Seattle.

December Twenty-Fourth

Christmas Eve and for some time to start opening presents. Others will be having a calm evening with a light meal getting ready for tomorrow’s ordeal. Or you could do both.

Even better would be to experiment using Cheetos and alcohol. Cheetos? Am I nuts, no, Cheetos are not nuts and there are really drink recipes using them.

Option #1:
Flaming Hot Cheetos Bloody Mary

Option #2:
Cheetos Infused Tequila

Option #3:
A good long talk with a shrink after even thinking about this

  • On every other day the drink options are shown in bold text, why not today? Because I don’t consider them drinks.
  • Cheetle? defined as “that orange and red dust symbolic of true Cheetos fandom,” according to a news release from Frito Lay and spokesman Chester Cheetah and yes it makes a mess!
  • Are there Cheetos in my house? Yes, but they have never been used in a cocktail.

Seriously, there are plenty of great options for tonight depending on your plans and none of them include Cheetos.


December Twenty-Third

Today is Festivus. “A non-commercial holiday celebration as depicted on Seinfeld”.

Option #1:
The Festivus – yes there is really a cocktail named after this holiday

Option #2:
Moonshine – it’s not made in a commercial establishment nor have any taxes been paid on the real thing.

Shine, the legal kind

Option #3:
Forget Festivus and pour what ever strikes you fancy tonight.

  • Ever celebrated Festivus? No but it makes some sense.
  • Moonshine? Not a fan.
  • Why such a short post? I assume everyone will be watching the Seinfeld episode by now.

December 6th Update

In the December 6th post I said it was time to re-read Hemingway’s Islands in the Stream. I started yesterday and it has been quite interesting.

First, the terms he uses for individuals would not pass muster today. I guess like Mark Twain, Hemingway was an author who had different races in his books and both used the terms of their times. When I first read this book in the 1970’s I didn’t pay any attention to the words used. Today they stand out like a sore thumb.

Secondly it is amazing how easy this book is to read. I have downloaded plenty of “popular” novels on to my Kindle from authors who have a large following. Many I fail to finish either due to the writing or awful plots.

Finally I was not aware that there was a song named Islands in the Stream. Written by the Bee Gee’s and sung by Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton. When you Google “Islands in the Stream” this is what comes up, not the Hemingway novel.

I am thinking that once I finish this book it is time to revisit some Steinbeck.


December Twenty-Second

22, what can you do with that? Well the first Christmas tree with electric lights was turned on by Edison on December 22nd. Then there is 22 caliber, a size of ammunition many have spent time putting holes in cans with.

But the Hyperbolic Tangent of 22 is 1! I can’t say that my memory of math and physics reminds me of why this is important but there was a lecture titled “Quantum Simulation of Hyperbolic Space with Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics“. By now many will have figured out where this is going. Quantum Electrodynamics = Richard Feynman, but you would be wrong. Feynman didn’t drink.

Hyperbole is something I have been accused of and I am a fan of Feynman’s so how about four drinks from my bar?

Winter option:
Bourbon – I am not a sour mash fan, just Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey please. Add a bit of ice and I am good to go.

Spring option:
Rum & Tonic – using dark Meyers rum and one must not forget the lime.

Summer option:
Pastis – Ricard is my favorite. A couple of these will cool the afternoon off.

Fall option:
Vodka Martini – I like mine on the rocks and whatever one does keep the pumpkin spices away!.

One too many and see what happens
  • Do I allow these drinks in other seasons? Sure although Pastis is really a warm weather drink. The others will work on all 365 days.
  • How many lime wedges in my Rum & Tonic? I like 2, the dark rum can handle it.
  • Betsy wants to know why Whiskey and Pickle juice didn’t make my list? Do I have to answer? OK, I have been lucky and do not often suffer from cramps.

Three Martini Lunch


trump wants to bring the 3 martini lunch back and he doesn’t even drink. I guess this means a special post on the proper martini may be in order but I would have to write it before lunch.

And yes, in the 1970’s I did participate in a few. The experience was horrible, drink lunch with a customer and then try to get home. No way to go back to work. One that pops up in my memory was with Don Underwood (aka Freddy the Plumber) who had worked at Tacoma Marine Supply when I started. He left and became a purchasing agent, therefore I had to take him to lunch. Don got me blasted, don’t remember if it turned in to business.


December Twenty-First

Today is the first day of winter and my favorite day of the year. You are asking why? Because starting tomorrow we get more daylight every day for six months!

Just in case it is getting chilly outside we might need Heated Drinker Bases. Coastal Supply or any farm store should have these and if you don’t know what they are you are just going to have a cold drink. Just to be different, I’m not going for a hot drink, actually something really cold, thus the need to keep our “drinker base” heated.

Yup a Martini consumed outside, thus the need for mittens. A tradition at our house in Tacoma if/when we got dry snow.

  • Straight up or on the rocks? YES
  • Gin or Vodka? I prefer Vodka but there is nothing wrong with Gin.
  • May I put a blue cheese stuffed olive in my Martini? According to François-Paul- NO!!!!!!!!! But on this issue I don’t listen to FP.
Undated photo of Martinis and Mittens in Tacoma

December Twentieth

Sunday is the traditional time for brunch and how does brunch start, a cocktail. Bloody Marys, Mimosas and Champagne are traditional choices.

But why can’t we drink every morning? A generation or so ago it was common in many cultures but like the three martini lunch, less and less people are participating.

Are options still available? Sure!

Option from Venice:
Ombra – in Italian the word means shadow or shade but in Venice the word signifies a small drink or glass of wine quite often in the morning.

Option from France:
Coffee with… – go to a rural bar in the morning and there will still be men with a cup of coffee (espresso) along with a shot of Calvados or some other alcoholic beverage. You have to keep the chill away somehow.

  • Am I a fan of either/both? Quoting George Patton, “does a chicken have lips?” which somehow means YES!
  • Choose one. Ombra in the summer, coffee with in the winter. Choosing just one is impossible.
  • But what about lunchtime? What’s wrong with the three martini lunch providing you don’t have to drive or do anything for the rest of the day.

OK, brunch didn’t get properly covered, feel free to grab a stalk of celery for your Bloody Mary, that’s fine but why not try something different!